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CDEC have extensive experience in providing a range of solutions specifically for the corporate environment.  Dynamic digital signage allows for business critical information to be…


In a sector often constrained by budget but in which new technology is constantly being introduced, it can be difficult to know where to turn to get the right solution for your establishment.


Many areas of the public sector in the UK have experienced significant cuts to funding in recent years and government departments in particular are coming under more scrutiny…


There is no doubt that the healthcare sector has embraced AV more and more in recent years – whether that’s digital signage, information systems and queue control or 4K displays for…

“We were extremely happy with the work CDEC did, especially in the timescale to deliver the quality within the time pressure was quite exceptional. CDEC were also able to give us the remote support to ensure that everything was in place and working for our high-profile public launch event.”

Woodrow Kernohan