Put on your customer goggles! What is your company saying?

Many of my LinkedIn connections are aware that I recently landed a new role with a leading AV integrator which I am very excited about. In moving from one environment to the other it has highlighted more than ever the importance of corporate communications and how powerful and effective it can be for sharing information among teams and managers, delivering key messages and content to screens around our office locations.

The ability to have branded real-time information pushed to screens certainly helps the company to be more productive and proactive; different teams can see key messages relating to their specific roles which helps them to be more focused throughout their day when planning schedules and other tasks related to our busy schedules. This is all done in real-time rather than retrospectively looking at spreadsheets or outdated reports. In addition to the dynamic digital signage we have interactive screens at several locations across our offices allowing us to collaborate and share information and ideas easily, something that increases productivity, saves on costs and reduces the need to travel.

I am a great believer in first impressions count. In time, however, we become too familiar with our surroundings and own environments, we start not seeing things. As a little experiment, why not put on your ‘customer goggles’ and take a fresh look at your company lobby or reception area. If you have screens are they even on, or are they just playing a BBC news feed that nobody can hear or is interested in watching?

Now imagine those same screens telling visitors about how great your company is, what your company is doing to support the environment, explaining the company vision, or why you are the leader in your field. In other general locations around the building what are you telling your employees, how are they kept informed, engaged and visually stimulated?

Remember though, while this digital signage stuff sounds simple – I’ll buy a screen, stick it on a wall then everyone will be motivated, right? – the reality is a successful communications solutions is a little more involved. That said, all it takes is a little thought about the type of messages to be played, where and when, who will manage the content, what data is needed to display on screen and the rest will just flow. The screens we use in our office are large enough so that the text is visible from any location, however you could use several smaller screens to achieve the same effect, just make sure the text on the content is increased in size for optimal viewing.

CDEC are always happy to advise and share with you best practices for any Audio Visual solution you may be planning. Why not get in contact with us to see how one of our team can inspire and assist. Our strength is building and communicating your vision.

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