New Hall School
May 11, 2015
Consultation, Installation

New Hall School AV Installation

Founded in 1642, New Hall School has over 1,200 students between the ages 11-18. It won the National Independent Schools Award 2011 for Outstanding Strategic Initiative, in recognition of the exceptional success in doubling the school roll and raising standards of academic and co-curricular achievements. New Hall was also awarded Independent School of the Year at the TESS 2016 awards. The school was also named in the Top 50 independent Co-ed Boarding Schools in 2014.

Project Brief

The school wanted an all-encompassing learning environment where students could continue to interact with teaching materials, just as they had been doing. Stressing that the staff were concerned about software compatibility, the importance of ensuring none of the students’ work was lost when the two products were swapped over. New Hall School worked closely with CDEC to make sure that the new solution met all requirements, as well as the work being completed within the six-week summer holidays.

“The feedback has been brilliant, and the displays bring a whole new energy to add an entirely different dimension and pupils like the crispness and dynamism. We use them as a “normal” whiteboard, to display internet content, play video and really draw the students into our lessons. CDEC did a fantastic job as usual, which is why we continue to use them as our preferred AV reseller and installer.”

Kevin Bassett
IT Manager, New Hall School

Project details

The introduction of the new RP790 screens into the classrooms has meant that teachers have increased their effectiveness by engaging the students in the overall learning experience. With its 10-point multi-touch support and impressive 4K resolution, the staff can easily encourage group participation and efficiently translate their ideas into the classroom with the highest image clarity.

As well as being the first of its kind, its progressive technology, is designed to ensure the screen is flicker free at all brightness levels. It also comes with features such as total eye-care, intended to safeguard the eye health of students and teachers. The built-in Android system offers a stand-alone experience and can intelligently update itself with the latest upgrades to make it a truly future-proof experience. 

Project Challenges

We have worked with New Hall School for over 10 years and so knew that they pride themselves on being at the forefront of learning technology. For its most recent classroom AV refresh we introduced New Hall to BenQ’s RP790 interactive flat panel, the first 79” display available to the UK market. Packaged with SMART Notebook and compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome, the 4K screens would allow the staff to continue to use all of their existing teaching materials by simply transferring them over, as well as providing brand new, rich functionality.
In the classrooms we knew they needed reliable, easy-to-use, cost-effective display solutions, which were simultaneously cutting edge and durable. BenQ’s touch-screens ticked all the boxes. And we know the BenQ team are proactive, competent and supportive.
It took three engineers eight days to complete the 21 unit install, including accepting delivery on site and completing tests of all units. After seeing the screen at BETT and having a demonstration unit on site for a week’s trial the school were very happy with the picture and build quality of the screen. Pricing was very competitive so we ordered 21 screens which were then installed within the given time frame.