Goldsmith's University of London
December 20, 2016
Consultancy, Design, Programming, Install, Maintain

Goldsmith's University of London upgrade their Lecture Theatres

Goldsmiths, University of London is a public research university specialising in the arts, design, humanities and social sciences with 8,000 students. The University’s teaching quality has consistently won the highest ratings. In 2014 the Research Excellence Framework rated the university in the UK’s top 25 Universities for the quality of their research.

Project Brief

Goldsmiths were looking for an AV company to undertake the supply, installation and commissioning of audio & visual systems into 91 rooms across the University campus.

There was a standardisation of 6 area types including large performance spaces, teaching spaces, seminar rooms, meeting rooms and mobile solutions. The project was originally to be undertaken over 30 months on a room by room basis to
minimise disruption to teaching and learning.

“CDEC is the best AV company that I have worked with – the success of our project is largely due to the excellent and flexible attitude of the CDEC team and the quality of their work. We were asked to accelerate work that we had planned over 3 years to be completed in 12 months, which CDEC has achieved by creating an off-site assembly line and minimising the work that has to be done on-site, meaning that each teaching room is out of use for an absolutely minimum period (often just 1 day).”

David Swayne
Chief Information Officer , Goldsmith's University of London

Project details

To meet the high-end needs of their performance spaces the Sony FHZ-700 was selected which combined the latest laser technology as well as offering a 7000 lumen WUXGA specification. Goldsmiths chose these units as they are virtually maintenance free and offer a low running cost. In addition, CDEC offered a 5 year hardware and installation warranty giving total peace of mind to the University.

CDEC built a strong relationship with the University and understood the critical factor for the success of this project was minimising the impact and amount of time the rooms were out of action during the physical onsite installations. In view of this CDEC worked closely with the rack build team to effectively enable us to ‘wheel in’ a completed room of kit: to this aim CDEC effectively built, configured and programmed the majority of equipment offsite. This meant the various spaces could be installed in minimal time allowing the room to be free for student bookings.

Because of the success of the programed off-offsite build process, what was to be a 30-month roll out was able to be condensed into a 9-month project. This allowed more rooms to be upgraded in year 1 and the completion of the enhanced
learning environments to be implemented sooner.

Project Benefits

Upon award and commencement of the project a phased roll out plan was formulated. Initial work began in February 2016. One of the main aims of this roll out was to future proof Goldsmith’s solution and ensure they were offering the best
learning environment for their students. A key choice was the Sony laser projection solution adopted campus wide within their standard teaching rooms and large performance spaces. 47 rooms were equipped with the Sony FHZ-55/57 which are a high brightness, 4,100 lumens WUXGA laser light source projector.