Integrating with your student and staff systems, social feeds and content, easily produce live messages, layouts for signage, desktop apps and engage with your entire campus population, no matter their device.

Proximity Marketing - Location-based content

Proximity Marketing uses cellular technology to send marketing messages to mobile-device users who are in close vicinity to a sign, changing the screen content depending on what is relevant to them.

Content on the move - Consistent Messaging

Embrace technological disruption and turn it into an advantage. Communication habits have changed dramatically with the rise of mobile phone use all around the world. The preferred channel to communicate, find information, browse and consume content, is increasingly becoming the mobile phone.

Get involved - Social Play

Gamification, the application of gaming principles to non-game situations, is one of the most effective approaches for improving engagement. It does this with the intention of motivating, modifying, or rewarding distinct behaviours. Utilising gamification, university campus’ can entice students to engage with and influence the activities around them.

Interactive Lectures

Allow students to engage and ask questions through social media, by utilising a specific hashtag. This then allows the lecturer to choose and select a variety of questions to answer without being interrupted. It also allows for a more detailed follow up should the question require a more detailed answer.

Getting Around - Information & Wayfinding

Provide the right information to the right audience at the right time. Using the most appropriate visualisation channels, from LED displays to mobile, provide excellent support, service, wayfinding and information to students and staff. Give visitors direction guidance across the campus while also providing the latest university news and events. With its rich-media compatible format, any type of content can be displayed across the enterprise, no matter if you utilise LCD, LED or both.

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The Benefits of Korbyt

Easily create immersive and impactful digital experiences with a platform that seamlessly integrates content across all locations, departments and devices, including digital signage, desktop and mobile devices. Korbyt is a powerful and scalable CMS with a robust feature-set designed for endless possibilities.


Connect an entire enterprise with digital experiences that bring messaging to life from digital signage, to desktop and mobile devices.

Cloud & On-Premise

Cloud and on-premise hosting — both options are available, allowing Korbyt to be flexible and easy to scale for enterprises worldwide.

Robust Content Creation

Frequent updates drive engagement — Korbyt’s easy-to-use CMS makes this attainable.

Continually Updated

Korbyt Cloud reduces server and IT costs, Enhances security and eliminates the need for software updates.

Easy-to-Use CMS

Create powerful, interactive experiences with a platform designed so practically — anyone can be a content creator.


SaaS & On-Premise

Built to fit your enterprise needs, Korbyt was carefully designed to allow you to choose the hosting environment you need.

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Robust Data Integration

Generate impactful, real-time visual displays with efficient data integration with almost any enterprise data source.

Drive Impact With Personalized Messages

Effective messaging starts here. Korbyt makes it easy to target different audiences with customizable conditional rules.

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