CDEC and RMG Networks host AV User Group event at Tower 42

CDEC and RMG Networks welcomed a host of AV User Group members to Tower 42 yesterday for a day of education and networking. Attendees were able to discover the power of the Korbyt SAAS-based content management platform, learn about how the upcoming GDPR regulations will affect AV managers and experience the latest in retail technology.

The day began with a presentation on Korbyt and its companion mobile app, Korbyt Go, by CDEC Service Delivery Manager, Spiros Andreou. As well as highlighting a number of use cases in higher education establishments across the UK, Andreou also demonstrated just how simple the system is to use by giving a live demonstration of how to create a digital signage layout.

Andreou also emphasised how Korbyt can be used to engage students as well as inform them, with a number of universities employing systems to improve student retention. This can be done by encouraging conversations, gaining student feedback and making it easier to navigate student life, whether that’s personalised wayfinding, information on local events or moderated live tweeting enabling students, and prospective students, to share their thoughts in real time.

As Andreou said, Korbyt is “a powerful content tool that will power your workflow”.

Andreou returned to the stage for the second discussion of the day – GDPR. As someone who has been following developments in this field for many years, he is well placed to explain what the upcoming regulations will mean for AV managers and how they can prepare and ensure compliance.

He explained: “CDEC cares about GDPR because we’re starting to see the transition to a data-driven AV service. We believe that in the future all AV will be cloud based.”

This being the case, he offered five key action points to help AV managers secure compliance.

  1. Understand where your data goes
  2. Work with suppliers to understand these data relationships and what the flow of data looks like
  3. Include all your partners in the GDPR process
  4. Use the opportunity to explore the marketplace – if suppliers aren’t willing to share their compliance statements, explore what else is out there
  5. Collect and share only ‘necessary data’.

The final presentation of the day was given by Ian Jobson of Zebra Technologies, who highlighted the importance of the customer experience in retail environments and how technology can enable a better customer journey and more efficient retail operations that will benefit both client and business.

Toni Moss, Managing Director at CDEC, said: “We had a great response to the event, with attendees finding the day highly informative, particularly when it came to GDPR. Being able to see Korbyt in action was also a highlight; for such a simple tool to be able to transform engagement with students, staff and alumni is a very powerful proposition.”