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To celebrate the beginning of the new school year we have some amazing offers for your school, working with our innovative partners we can offer the best AV solutions and prices available. Give your students the best start this year with CDEC.

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NEC ReTrade

With the NEC ReTrade Programme, for each NEC Projector you purchase we will arrange to trade-in your old projector and offer you cash as consideration.

85 % of the returned projectors will be refurbished and returned to the market meaning less hazardous substances require disposing off, vastly less material are wasted and less new resources are unnecessarily consumed.

Free Display Note License

This software license allows control / annotation of the displayed image by a tablet device such as an iPad. This is a “perpetual” licence meaning software updates are provided forever.

BenQ also offer 5yrs on-site warranty with all Short and Ultra-short throw education models.  There is no registration required

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Half Price Speakers by Audeo

The AUDEO 106P loudspeaker strikes the perfect balance between the intelligibility and sound reproduction quality requirements currently demanded in the professional audio installation and ever increasing demands with respect to aesthetics, design and integration into all types of architectural environments.

SMART Refresh Program

The SMART Refresh Program is both an eco friendly way of updating your current kit to the best to the latest whilst saving money along the way.

Save £300 when you swap out an interactive whiteboard & projector for a SMART Board. Save £150 when you swap out an old interactive whiteboard for a SMART Board*

*T&C apply, primary school only, maximum of 5 per end-user

ElMO Clearance Sale

We have some fantastic offers on our ELMO clearance sale, including; ELMO Slate 1307, ELMO I-Pochette, ELMO L1 EX Visuliser and ELMO L12 Visuliser respectively.

The ELMO Slate 1307 that gives you the ability to create an interactive whiteboard experience from the palm of your hands, it has a 50 feet range and 16 hours continuous battery life. Now on sale at £199.

The ELMO I-Pochette is an ultra portable document camera that is extremely easy to operate and has a flexible camera arm and a digital zoom for your own convince and comes complete with ELMO ImageMate software. Now on sale at £119.

The ELMO L1 EX Visualiser is the worlds first portable document camera that has 5.2x optical zoom lens giving you the ability to focus attention on the tiniest detail and is simple to use. No computer is required with the SD/SDHC card slot for saving work results. Now on sale at £279.

The ELMO L12 Visuliser is virtually limitless portable document camera that can capture in FULL HD with audio and has a powerful 96x zoom and can be saved to a USB flash drive or to SD memory card. Now on sale at £339


Remember there is only limited stock so hurry to get your orders in!

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