AV Tech Trends for 2019

As the new year begins, we take a look at some of the technologies and trends we expect to be big talking points in 2019.

Hearing voices

With voice recognition becoming ever-more commonplace in the home environment, it’s only a matter of time until that situation is replicated in commercial buildings, and 2019 looks to be the year that AV manufacturers will begin to embrace this time-saving feature. Expect to see everything from AV conferencing systems that can start a call on demand to lecturers able to call on their learning tools – this has the potential to impact multiple sectors, making life much easier for end users across the board.

LED to dominate?

The LED/LCD debate has been ongoing for some years with many believing that the higher cost of LED displays has affected its uptake. However growing demand for LED has bought its price down making it a more viable alternative in scenarios that will benefit from its better colour reproduction, uniformity and faster image reproduction.

As corporates, retailers and many other organisations look to catch the eye with ever-more elaborate and original configurations, LED certainly has a role to play as displays can be used to create video walls of pretty much any size or shape. This combined with the lower cost of ownership, long life and simplified maintenance LED brings means 2019 could be the year we see it begin to overtake LCD in some verticals.

Interactive content

Once you’ve made the decision to install a display, the next consideration has to be the kind of content you run on it. And in 2019, the chances are that interactive content will be at the top of the wish list. Interactive content requires active engagement from participants, creating higher engagement rates. It also supplies real-time relevant results for users, encouraging them to spend more time digesting the content and potentially enticing them to share more information about themselves, enabling brands to capture relevant data about their customers and potential customers. Content can include quizzes, polls, videos and infographics.

Capacitive touch 

Staying on the theme of interactive technology, the buzzphrase this year will be ‘capacitive touch’, which gives brands the ability to create a bespoke graphic backdrop that’s entirely interactive using short-throw projection, sensors and graphics. The result is a more engaging and consistent touch experience that supports multiple touchpoints for multiple users. Expect this to be big in spaces such as events, exhibitions and retail.


We’ve been hearing about AI, machine learning and deep learning – and the huge impact it’s going to have on AV – for some time now, yet the killer application still seems to be elusive. In 2019 the focus will be on implementing this technology to solve real problems, particularly in the corporate world. This could be reducing or eliminating repetitive tasks, helping customers find an answer to their question, using chatbots for example, or creating unique retail experiences. Further convergence with AR/VR will also happen.

AV Experiences

All of this technology and more should combine to create a seamless AV experience, whether that’s guiding visitors around a theme park, amusing them while they queue for the latest VR ride and offering them discounts on suitable items in the gift shop, or ensuring meetings with clients and colleagues from around the globe are efficient and effective at the touch of a button – or the saying of a word. Users are increasingly demanding that their technology works for them, every time and with minimal effort. Those tools that are simple, intuitive and that assist users rather than hinder them are the ones that will enjoy a successful 2019.