It is vital that after investing in a major ICT initiative, you and your staff are fully trained in the use and application of the new facilities. Without appropriate training you will never realise the true benefits of your investment.

Therefore why not consider undertaking either a half or full day training session at a time and location convenient for you?

CDEC offer a vast range of training programmes to suit all levels, which our trainers tailor to meet your own unique requirements. Why not call us today to see how cost effective CDEC training really is and maximise on your AV investments!

We also deliver curriculum tailored training, providing additional support for the effective use of ICT in teaching the curriculum and even offer ICT based lesson plans to give you a head start.

Our training can be offered both on-site and from our in-house training centre. Training is an on-going requirement, we are happy to provide top-up and evaluation training at later dates.