CDEC is a solutions focused reseller;  come to us with your needs / brief and we will find the very best solution to meet your needs, be it bespoke or off the shelf.

We have Tier 1 status with all of our suppliers, which means we can offer you unbeatable prices.

See below for some examples of the audio solutions we provide:

  • Rack Mounted System

    The InVentry system is a site access and safeguarding management solution that was created specifically for, and in collaboration with educational clients.

  • School Radio

    Synergy School Radio and CDEC have led the development of radio technology within the education sector for over a decade. Our studio packages are used by more schools than any other brand and can be found in education establishments around the world.

  • Sound Reinforcement

    Also known as ‘Sound Field’, Sound Reinforcement is simply the integration of an audio or mini-PA system in the office or classroom. The teacher/presenter talks into the hands-free wireless microphone and their voice is transmitted via infra-red / Wireless signal to the speaker(s) located in the room. The system is easily used with other teaching/presentation technologies such as interactive whiteboards, DVD, MP3, induction loops, personal FM hearing assistance systems etc.

  • PA System

    Make yourselves heard – You can buy complete DJ and PA packages from us online. We sell complete sets, carefully & properly matched PA speakers and power amplifiers with added accessories to suit every public address system & packages need.

  • Speaker Systems

    We sell speakers for every possible use, including sound bars, wall mounted systems, ceiling speakers or concealed hidden units.


What our Customers are saying:


” School Radio has been a real asset to the school over the last 18 months and I have no doubt it will continue to prove its worth with the improvements we are seeing in the students. We’re all amazed, parents, friends, family and teachers, at the ingenuity and innovation of children which is brought to life through the radio system. ”

Steve Marsland-
Headteacher at Russell Scott Primary School


“I’m a great believer in Creativity in the curriculum and this gives us an ideal opportunity to develop that creative side in the students…. We can also develop their speaking, listening, communication and team building skills.”

 Helen Phillips
Head Teacher, Bedford High, Wigan



Russell Scott Primary School outlined its need for a collaborative and interactive solution in line with its technological vision, so we introduced the school radio system, a communication platform that enhances speaking and listening skills of pupils in a fun and engaging way.