Delivering AV solutions to the University of Kent’s Medway Campus

The Kent Business School (KBS) at The University of Kent’s Medway Campus opened in September 2015 after a £3.8 million investment in the development of the Historic Dockyard Campus. The new academic facilities and social spaces have been developed due to a significant increase in student enrolments at KBS.

Project Brief

The University has worked with the Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust to create a teaching and learning centre speci cally designed to meet the needs of KBS students. The University agreed a 25 year lease of the Royal Dockyard Church with the Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust. Together with English Heritage the level of technology and usage constraints were discussed and agreed upon.

After a robust tender process, CDEC were chosen to fit out the new auditorium in the Church with a full-range of audio visual equipment. The tender was successful as CDEC understood the constraints of tting equipment in a historical building and were sensitive to the goals and aspirations of both the University and the Dockyard trust.

CDEC specified, sourced, installed and integrated the: NEC PH1400U Projector onto a large 7m projection screen, 4 Satellite LED screens, voice reinforcement sound via microphones using 6 base speakers, video reinforcement via 4 Light rays, system controlled and programmed by Extron touch 10” touch panel on a lectern, Extron pro series processor with a video matrix scaler switch with audio controlled through 2 Extron 128 Audio Matrix with input outputs through Dante.   

Project Details

School The University of Kent’s Medway Campus

Completion Date: September 2015

Number of sites: 1

Project value: £145k

Project time frame: 4 Weeks

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